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Welcome to Three Fellas Pizza, where the Gjonbalaj brothers bring you the best authentic New York-style pizza with family recipes and fresh ingredients. Visit us in person, in our newly renovated shop, or order online and enjoy the delicious slices and many entrees.

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About Us

Our journey started with our parents migrating from Albania to Brooklyn, NY. In the mid-80's, our father opened his own pizza shop, igniting our passion for the pizza business.

Following his advice, we opened our own shop in 2008. He believed our New York-styled pizza would be a fantastic addition to our town. Thus, Three Fellas Pizza was born.

The Gjonbalaj brothers began serving their family recipes to the wonderful town of Marlborough, CT. In 2023, we temporarily closed for renovations, completely redeveloping the corner at the center of town.

With our new space and refreshed look, we're excited to continue serving our Italian specialties for many years to come!

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